The only Blue Moon of the year will occur this week
By Ella Joyce | Current affairs | 29 August 2023

Photography by Herken Herken

Following April’s ‘Pink Moon’ – the first full moon of spring in the northern hemisphere – our first super moon sighting this month occurred on August 1st and in a rare double full moon month, the second will be gracing the skies this week. Known as a blue moon due to the rarity of two full moons appearing in the same month, this one also happens to be a super moon, meaning it’ll appear bigger and brighter than usual (but not shine blue, sadly, the term blue moon originates from the 16th-century expression “the Moon is blue” – meaning something that is impossible).

This will be the largest of four supermoons set to take place this year, with the final one occurring in September, and the ninth full moon of the year. The moon will be 222,043 miles away from Earth and the day before the full moon occurs, the almost full moon will join Saturn in the evening sky. Beginning to appear on Wednesday, the moon will be at its peak at 2:35am on Thursday so if you’re an astrology buff, set your alarm and mark the calendar. A blue moon only happens every two or three years so cross your fingers and hope there are minimal clouds so we can all catch a glimpse of its extraordinary glow.

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