Rabbit Hole

Bust noses and sweet tricks: James Edson’s debut book captures 25 years of London’s skate scene
By Ella Joyce | Art | 8 August 2023

Member of London’s Palace Wayward Boys Choir (PWBC) skate crew and the founder of Wayward Gallery, James Edson has been in the heart of the capital’s skate scene for a quarter of a century. Luckily, rarely a minute passed over the past 25 years when Edson was without his camera, amassing a sprawling archive which has remained unseen until now.

Photographing fellow skaters and friends who run as a tight-knit family, a series of striking black and white analogue images become a curated collection forming Edson’s debut monograph, Rabbit Hole. Arranged across double-page spreads that rotate by 45 degrees each time the page is turned, the viewer is invited into the elusive world of skating and, in true Alice in Wonderland fashion, down the ‘rabbit hole.’

Take a trip through Edson’s memories and the skate park becomes a sanctuary and base: from honing new tricks, trips to the hospital and bust-up noses. The book is accompanied by a selection of t-shirts and blankets by Palace, decorated with a sketched bunny motif – Rabbit Hole, get it?

Rabbit Hole is sold exclusively at The Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, St. James’s, SW1 Y5AH.


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