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Vogueing, Southgate on stage and your chance to enter a Wes Anderson world
16 June 2023

Ivie Bartlett, Sam & Conn, A Night At The Theatre Ball, 2023. Courtesy of Guts Gallery and Eva Herzog Photography

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Whether you’re a sun worshipper or a melting puddle of sweat, everyone can enjoy the current London heatwave in their own way. From dark, air-con cinema sprees to pitching up in a park and baking yourself like a turkey – take your pick!


Into the woods
Fridtjof Ryder’s debut feature film, Inland, is a modern-day ecological drama meditating on themes of love, loss and folklore. Sounds deep? It is, but it’s also highly entertaining. Here’s the plot: a troubled young man is in search of his identity following the disappearance of his mum in the Forest of Dean. Rory Alexander takes on the leading role alongside British actor Mark Rylance as the father-figure rural mechanic who acts as an unlikely guiding presence in the young man’s life.

Inland is out in cinemas now. 


Saint and Sinners
Guts Gallery’s latest group exhibition brings together an ensemble of LGBTQIA+ identifying artists exploring what it means to be queer in an age where the closure of safe spaces is on the rise. Fifteen artists look inwards to articulate their  vision of self-expression, and in doing so, reject the heteronormative institutions of power. The lineup consists of Catherine Opie, Shadi Al-Atallah, Ivie Bartlett, Hilary Harkness, Peter Hujar, Doron Langberg, Sergio Miguel, Samantha Nye, Juan Arango Palacios, Elsa Rouy, Jakob Rowlinson, Ara Tucker and Rafał Zajko, each contributing to dismantle antiquated discourse and open up new conversations within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Saints and Sinners runs at Guts Gallery until July 7th, more info here

Ivie Bartlett, Matan, A Night At The Theatre Ball, 2023. Courtesy of Guts Gallery and Eva Herzog Photography


The beautiful game
Gareth Southgate – the man who made M&S sell a thousand waistcoats – is getting his moment on stage at the National Theatre. Fresh from the success of Best of Enemies, James Graham’s latest production Dear England tells the trials and tribulations of the nation’s football team under the management of Southgate – incase anyone has forgotten, we lost the Euro final to Italy and got booted out the World Cup by France (tears).

Dear England runs at the National Theatre until August 11th, more info here


Ever wanted to be in a Wes Anderson movie?
We’ve had Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City release date marked in the calendar ever since it was just a perfectly aesthetic rumour, and the time is very nearly here. Ahead of the film’s release next Monday, 180 Studios have put together an immersive exhibition transporting visitors to Wes Anderson’s fictionalised American 1950s desert town. Here, you can experience the life of a Junior Stargazer first hand with original sets, props, costumes and artwork at your fingertips. If you’re a bit peckish you can also dine out at the film’s iconic diner, recreated on-site to mark the occasion – prepare to see pictures of this joint everywhere on social media.

Wes Anderson: Asteroid City runs at 180 Studios until July 8th, more info here

Wes Anders on the set of Asteroid City, courtesy of 180 Studios

Food + Drink

Deli dining
Located just off Broadway Market, Oren Deli is full of pillowy pitas, creamy hummus and freshly made salad pots to fill up the fridge with but now the deli from the team behind Dalston’s restaurant of the same name is open for dine-in. Dishes will change daily but you can expect Mediterranean inspired recipes with ingredients such as fresh challah breads, labneh and cured pollock alongside a rotating menu of natural wines by the glass.

Oren Deli is located at 6c Ada St, E8 4QU, more info here.


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