Beat. Rhythm. Flow.

Josh Caffé’s melodic basslines are at the beating heart of London’s underground dance scene
By Ella Joyce | Music | 24 March 2023
Photographer Roni Ahn
Stylist Keeley Dawson.

Josh Caffé wants to take his crowds on a journey. The destination? An intimate basement reverberating with “soul train and old-school Chicago house.” A permanent fixture on London’s underground house and techno scene, Caffé has garnered a reputation for thumping basslines, high-octane melodic vocals and hard-wired intuition.

As a native Londoner, Caffé is loyal to the charm of the city’s rave culture, “There is always something new brewing underground that gets accepted a lot easier than in most other places.” Having spent his youth growing up in “sweaty queer basements with three or four hundred people and a really good sound system,” an intimate gig holds a special place in his heart. “You can experiment so much because people are just there to listen to good music,” the diversity of the capital means newness is welcomed with open arms, everyone is on the hunt to uncover a gem, and Caffé is continually being found.

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