HEROINE 18 preview

Berlin-based DJ Jing Lekker makes sounds inspired by film stills
By Ella Joyce | Music | 8 March 2023
Photographer Roni Ahn
Stylist Keeley Dawson.

Inside the upcoming HEROINE 18, we spotlight four emerging electronic producers creating soundscapes for escapism. Here’s an exclusive advance preview – first up, Berlin-based musician Jing Lekker. 

To most, the colour grey exists in a boring space of neutrality between black and white, but for Jing Lekker it’s where the party lies. “My sound is always a little bit dark but not aggressive. It’s more of a grey, but it’s transparent – you can still see the light. That’s the fun part, you’re always on the lookout for a peak of light.” After beginning to DJ in her native Taiwan at eighteen, Lekker made the leap to Berlin, the world’s techno capital. Maintaining an ethos to never put music in a box and “always give it a sense of humour,” she has created a sound which invites listeners into the unexpected.

Inspired not by other musicians, but by David Cronenberg, “I’ll take a still from one of his films, feel the vibe from it and produce music.” Overarching ambient notes seamlessly intertwine with acid-dunk rhythms and moments of distorted experimentation, mirroring the raw beauty of the Canadian auteur’s body horror masterpieces.

all clothing by A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE; hair clip, earrings and choker JING’S own

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