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Armani/Silos kicks off Milan fashion week with a Guy Bourdin retrospective
By Ella Joyce | Art | 23 February 2023

Vogue Paris, May 1970 + 2023, The Guy Bourdin Estate

As we arrive in Milan for the next stop on the fashion month tour, Giorgio Armani’s exhibition space Armani/Silos is debuting a Guy Bourdin retrospective to mark the occasion. Housed in a minimalist four-story granary building, the museum offers up an extensive look into the Italian house’s 40-year-long history, now opening up its space to celebrate the late Bourdin. A French artist and fashion photographer, the renowned visionary created some of the most iconic and instantly recognisable fashion imagery in history.

Vogue Paris, May 1984 + 2023, The Guy Bourdin Estate

Titled Guy Bourdin: Storyteller, the exhibition has been co-curated by Giorgio Armani alongside the Guy Bourdin Estate to compile a showcase of 100 photographs from his storied back catalogue. Here, Bourdin’s signature highly saturated, striking and cinematic images are infused with a provocative undercurrent to articulate the artist’s fascination with creative freedom. A hyper-realistic edge defines the French photographer’s style as we see bright red lipstick shot alongside an army of red fingernails, and mannequins bought to life in scenes reminiscent of 1920s surrealism. The exhibition takes us inside the world of one of the industry’s most elusive artists, granting access to a sprawling archive of picture-perfect fashion photography.

Guy Bourdin: Storyteller will be open to the public at Armani/Silos from February 24th – August 31st, more info here


Vogue Paris, May 1977 + 2023, The Guy Bourdin Estate

Vogue Hommes, June July 1977 + 2023, The Guy Bourdin Estate

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