Mickey 17

Watch the first teaser of Robert Pattinson in Bong Joon-ho’s upcoming sci-fi thriller
By Ella Joyce | Film+TV | 6 December 2022

Still, ‘Mickey 17’ by Bong-Joon-ho, 2024

Fresh from the release of Batman this year, Robert Pattinson’s latest project Mickey 17 directed by Oscar-winning director Bong Joon-ho is officially hitting cinemas in March 2024. While the accompanying 33-second teaser trailer doesn’t give too much away, the sci-fi thriller’s plot is based on Edward Ashton’s novel Mickey7 which follows protagonist Mickey’s journey as a disposable employee on a human expedition sent to colonize the ice world Niflheim. Whenever there’s a mission too dangerous, sometimes even suicidal, the crew turns to Mickey and after one iteration dies, a new body is regenerated with most of his memories intact.

Mickey 17 will mark the director’s first cinematic release since Parasite which became the highest-grossing South Korean film in history, as well as the first non-English language movie to win best picture at the Oscars. Pattinson is no stranger to sci-fi thrillers either having previously worked with the likes of Claire Denis and Christopher Nolan, starring in High Life and Tenet. While Pattinson will take on the titular role in Joon-ho’s latest endeavour, other names announced to be joining the cast include Mark Ruffalo, Toni Collette and Steven Yeun.

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