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Frieze art fair, a Chris Killip retrospective and Shakespeare retold
14 October 2022

‘Youth on wall’, Jarrow, Tyneside, 1975 © Chris Killip Photography Trust. All images courtesy Martin Parr Foundation

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Oi Romeo, where are you?
HEROINE 17 cover star Kaitlyn Dever takes on the lead role in Karen Maine’s comedic retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Rosaline. Arriving in cinemas this weekend, the narrative reworks the traditional story, instead told from the point of Juliet’s jilted cousin Rosaline whom Romeo was first infatuated with before switching to her cousin (not advised).

Offering up a modern take on one of the world’s most well-known tragedies, Rosaline sets out to break-up the couple and win Romeo back – it’s safe to say that if this was the 21st Century, Rosaline would be that friend obsessively watching their ex’s Instagram stories. Ultimately, the film sheds light on a feminist understanding of young women’s fears and desires through an age-old Shakespearean tale.

Rosaline is out in cinemas now.


Frieze season
Firmly marked on London’s cultural calendar, it’s that time of year again where the art fair of all art fairs, Frieze, lands with a creative thump in Regent’s Park. For five days the event is bringing together 160 of the world’s best contemporary art galleries under one mammoth marquee.

The list of artists exhibiting is extensive but we’ve picked a few highlights to keep a look out for: London’s Thomas Dane Gallery has invited Anthea Hamilton to craft some large-scale pumpkins (as seen in JW Anderson’s Loewe shows recently),  New York’s Ryan Lee Gallery is honouring Emma Amos, and Tyler Mitchell’s photography is also making a rare appearance at Frieze Masters.

Frieze runs until 16th October, more info here

Anthea Hamilton, Thomas Dane Gallery, 2022


Buy one get one free
Robbie & Mona, and Bingo Fury have very kindly teamed up for a joint show at The George Tavern, letting you tick off two of the country’s must-see acts in one night. Robbie & Mona are a transformative presence whose woozy, lustful beats are the ultimate eyes-across-the-dancefloor soundtrack, while Bingo Fury is more barfly than dancefloor, drawing on the anti-rhythms of James Chance and Tom Waits to create louche soundscapes that sound like a great Old Fashioned tastes: debaucherous and delicious.

Robbie & Mona and Bingo Fury play at The George Tavern on Friday 14th October.

See our exclusive Bingo Fury playlist here for ultimate pre-gig sounds. 


Portrait of Britain
Comprising over 140 works, The Photographer’s Gallery has curated an in-depth retrospective of renowned British photographer Chris Killip.

Known for capturing the changing tides of Britain’s cultural landscape, his sprawling archive of striking black-and-white observations range from documenting shipbuilding and coal mining, to immersing himself within local communities long enough to paint an intimate portrait of human solidarity. Haunting scenes of North England throughout the 1970s and 80s chronicle the lives of those affected by the economic shifts – often left on the periphery, Killip ensures they are in full focus in front of his lens. (A poignant reminder of what’s important, perhaps today’s Government should take note.)

Chris Killip Restrospective runs at The Photographer’s Gallery until 19th February 2023, more info here

‘Gordon in the water’, Seacoal Beach, Lynemouth, 1983, Chris Killip

Food + Drink

Hidden gem
Downstairs in the new Middle Eight hotel in Covent Garden, one door can transport you from luxury staycation to intimate speakeasy. Follow signs for QT, the hotel’s lively jazz bar for a very good time. With nights varying from live sax parties (not a typo) to classic West End musical jams, grab yourself a cocktail and settle in.

See what’s on at QT here.

Food + Drink

The best in town
If you haven’t had a Ruben’s Reubens yet, we’d keep that to yourself tbh. But this weekend is an opportunity to redeem yourself and fill your belly. One of London’s most exciting young culinary talents, when word gets out about one of Ruben’s pop-ups, crowds gather and people get FED.

This Saturday, the cooking maestro sets up at The King & Co on Clapham Park Road where he’ll be slinging some smoked Alabama dunked chicken ‘n’ chips, and other tasty bits. If that doesn’t get your stomach growling perhaps you’re too far gone. Oh well, more grub for us!

Ruben’s Reubens will be at The King & Co, 100 Clapham Park Road on Saturday 15th October. 


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