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Anthony Vaccarello has curated a six-city photography exhibition for Saint Laurent
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 8 June 2022

For Saint Laurent’s next visually impactful trick, Anthony Vaccarello lends his eye to a multi-city photography exhibition.

In the latest instalment of the brand’s SELF project, launched by Vaccarello as a means of capturing and conveying the many different (and oft-complex) aspects of the Saint Laurent oeuvre, six contemporary photographers – in collaboration with Magnum Photography – have produced a range of exclusive artworks that will be displayed in exhibitions across the world, simultaneously.

Photography by Daesung Lee

Playing host to this global photographic exhibition are locations in Paris, London Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and New York, all curated by Vaccarello. The designer draws on the visionary works of Harry Gruyaert, Olivia Arthur, Alex Webb, Takashi Homma, Daesung Lee and Birdhead to create spaces that intangibly connect the world by blending disciplines across art and fashion. There are picturesque scenes of flower fields and distant mountains, waiting rooms filled with paper birds and spirited dancers, even colourless cities that ebb and flow with the grooves of lunchtime traffic.

The project is one of many artistic pursuits Vaccarello has embarked on this year, and the seventh iteration of the ongoing SELF initiative, launched back in 2018. Previous iterations, like 2020’s SELF 06 boast documentaries by Abel Ferrara, ​​or introspective installations devised by the likes of Wong Kar-Wai for SELF 05. 

SELF 07 will take place from the 9th-12th of June in a multitude of cities across the globe. Visit Saint Laurent for more information.


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