Ain’t our first rodeo

See the first glimpse of Jordan Peele’s sci-fi western, Nope
By Ella Joyce | Film+TV | 15 February 2022

Although football may be the main attraction (congrats to the Rams), Super Bowl Sunday is also the place for debuting trailers hyping the latest movies. This year, horror movie-making heavyweight Jordan Peele premiered the first glimpse of Nope, his neo-Western science-fiction thriller set on the only Black-owned Hollywood horse ranch.

While the trailer doesn’t give much away in terms of plot, it’s definitely set to be a little creepy if the disturbed horses and UFO-like vehicles are anything to go by. It’s Peele’s first movie since 2019’s Us, and after the success of his Oscar-winning directorial debut Get Out just two years prior, this third instalment is sure to follow suit. Peele has once again enlisted British actor Daniel Kaluuya, who starred as Chris in Get Out, to take the reins, appearing alongside Keke Palmer, Barbie Ferreira and Steven Yeun. Reimagining the traditional summertime movie with a sinister twist, the trailer is set to an alternate version of Stevie Wonder’s classic Fingertips and is set for theatrical release on July 22nd – get ready for a chilling ride at the rodeo.

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