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US musician Leikeli47 joins Hedi Slimane’s Celine Portrait of a Performer series
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 2 February 2022

Hedi Slimane continues to build on his Celine Portrait of a Performer series with the addition of New York musician Leikeli47.

Documented in a series of images taken by the designer in Los Angeles in December 2021, the musician known for concealing her face with a bandana or balaclava here uses the Celine bandana scarf, while also wearing the house’s SS22 tracksuit and shearling outerwear.

Signed to RCA Records, Leikeli47 announced herself with 2010 debut mixtape LK-47, and has since released two acclaimed studio albums – Wash & Set in 2017 and Acrylic in 2018; the first two chapters in a planned music trilogy called the ‘Beauty Series’, addressing and celebrating Black beauty standards.

This news sees Leikeli47 join members of London bands the Scarletts and Gingerella and emerging French director Suzanne Lindon as subjects of Slimane’s Portrait of a Performer series.

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