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A big Dump, Nicolas Cage loses his pig and a meaty roll
17 September 2021

Athena Papdopoulos, ‘DUMP’ 2021, Chicken bones, porcelain doll appendages and sparklers in non-hazardous epoxy resin

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FRIDAY 17th September – SUNDAY 19th September 2021


Ditch. Hitch. Dump. Pump.
Encased in resin, Canadian artist Athena Papadopoulos spells out innuendos, double entendres and verbal assaults using good time debris; cigs, corkscrews, sparklers, a few chicken bones, too. Transforming these grubby everyday objects into frozen four-letter silhouettes, Papadopoulos’ work hits you immediately, creating something ethereal out of the disregarded. On show at Soft Opening in Piccadilly Circus Underground Station, go for a smooch and then head into town for a few bevvies to recreate your own version.

Athena Papadopoulos: Subjective Action runs at Soft opening until 10th October

Athena Papdopoulos, ‘DITCH’ 2021, artist’s cigarette butts, dried cemetery shrub cuttings and porcelain doll appendaages in non-hazardous epoxy resin


“I’m looking for my pig”
Never steal a man’s pig. That’s the major takeaway from Nicolas Cage’s new film, Pig. Having long left his former life as a chef in the city, Robin “Rob” Feld (Cage) is now a truffle farmer living in a reclusive cabin deep in the Oregon forests, accompanied by his prized foraging pig. But one night, our protagonist’s quiet life is flipped when his pig is stolen by a group of unidentified assailants. Having none of it, Rob uses his own hunting instincts and goes in search of his beloved companion. In recent times, we’ve come to expect curveballs from Cage – we can’t wait for The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where Cage plays Cage – yet this latest work represents everything great about the actor: emotion, grit, and bursts of oddball genius.

Pig is out at cinemas now. 


Fred Perry residency
ICYMI, since Wednesday Fred Perry has been holding a series of gigs at London’s 100 Club under the umbrella, All Our Tomorrows. Celebrating the return of live music, the mini-festival has already seen two line-ups of sonic talent take to stage – and rip it apart – this Friday represents the final night, and Fred Perry are closing with a rhythmic bang: The Umlauts kick things off, followed by POiSON ANNA, Paddywak, and headliners PVA (listen to them all below). Fred Perry’s musical credentials are top-notch, so let them do the hard work, all you need do is turn up and get down.

Buy tickets to Fred Perry All Our Tomorrows via Dice.  


Stick to the classics
Just opened at the Hayward Gallery is a new group exhibition of 31 international artists who are pushing the envelope within painting. As interactive, digital and virtual technologies become a more ubiquitous feature of contemporary art, it’s easy to forget the humble brush and canvas but this exhibition is evidence of the medium’s enduring relevance and appeal. From Peter Doig to Rose Wyle, Oscar Murillo, Lubaina Himid, Alvaro Barrington and many more, Mixing It Up demonstrates the versatility and breadth of contemporary painting by bringing together a diverse range of international talent.

Mixing It Up: Painting Today is on at Hayward Gallery until 12th December. Book tickets here.

© Lisa Brice (2021). Courtesy the artist; Stephen Friedman Gallery, London and Salon 94, New York. Photo: Mark Blower

Food + Drink

Quick, easy and delicious
The kati roll (pronounced karti) is a staple street food in Kolkata, West Bengal. In its original form, the roll includes skewered meat wrapped in a warm paratha that’s been slathered in egg. This commuters dream has been thriving over at The Kati Roll Company, a small Bengali-themed kitchen just off Oxford Street. Having originated in New York, this Soho joint offers plenty of variations on the snack, with the chana masala and achari paneer rolls for vegetarians and the more authentic tikka and unda chicken rolls for the meat-eaters. Reasonably priced at around £5 a roll, it’s a must next time you’re in town.

The Kati Roll Company is at 24 Poland St, London W1F 8QL.


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