Ignite the sky

The long, slow burn into dusk: watch our mystical HERO Winter Annual 2020 story in motion
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 12 January 2021

Watch our HERO Winter Annual 2020 fashion story, The long, slow burn into dusk, come to life via a special short film captured during the shoot – directed by Darren Gwynn and styled by James Sleaford.

Backdropped by the mystical weather shifts of the British countryside, ideas of movement and time are given dramatic motion as morning slides to dusk, and a burning chair ignites the evening sky.





Director: Darren Gwynn
Fashion: James Sleaford
Production: Town Productions
Director of Photography: Giles Harvey, Serlin Associates
Music: Jonothan Woodley
Editor: Juri Badenhorst
Grooming: Kentaro Kondo
Set design: David Konix Featuring Xu Meen at IMG Models
Set Assistant: Guymon Cheung
Lighting assistants: Gabor Herczegfalvi and Madison Blair Production
Assistant Jack McCormick McGuire

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