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A Christopher Nolan blockbuster, David Wojnarowiz and Record Store Day
28 August 2020

David Wojnarowicz, Untitled (Face in Dirt), 1990

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Delayed gratification
Cinemas are back and they’re going big thanks to Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster epic, Tenet. Having been delayed by a month due to Co-vid, anticipation for the film has been bloated for a while now. But now it’s here to save the world. Or at least that’s how the plot goes. A mind-boggling epic of insane proportions, Nolan’s film is the antipathy of lockdown domesticity, with The Protagonist (played by John David Washington) jet setting across all corners of the globe to tackle a new cold war situation. Oh, and here’s the kick: the evil guys have the power to reverse time, so how do you stop an attack from the future?

But Nolan has time inversion credentials, just think back to his backwards-narrative debut Momento, or the time-warping effects explored in Inception. Needless to say, we’re excited for this one.

Record Store Day

Clear ya shelves
Record Store Day is going to look a little different this year. Initially due to take place on April 18th, the event has been delayed and delayed, but now those in charge have managed to organise a format that ensures the safety of all involved and still delivers big. Instead of the traditional single Saturday drop, this year RSD will split these releases across three separate weekends in August, September and October, beginning this Saturday (29th).

Despite the new format, RSD still delivers its usual killer line-up, with some major new releases at the ready. This first batch of records includes live David Bowie LP, I’m Only Dancing, recorded on his 1974 Soul Tour, a double vinyl release of Ennio Morricone’s 1975 soundtrack for french classic Peur Sur La Ville, a picture disc vinyl of The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds, a Billie Eilish acoustic session live from Jack White’ Third Man Records and a record of Gorillaz B-sides ingeniously titled G-sides. Plus releases by The Fall, Morrissey, Ennio Morricone, Iggy Pop and Primal Scream. Wallets and needles at the ready.



Creating in the age of uncertainty
This bank holiday weekend is set to be one of the coldest on record. What better excuse therefore, to stay indoors and soak up some knowledge with Late at Tate Britain Online? This is a great one for budding creatives looking for a way to bounce back, and keep moving, in these times. The two hour slot will feature an exclusive preview of a documentary about young artists creating during lockdown, an embroidery workshop with Richard McVetis, a DJ set presented by Reprezent Radio and Lockdown Life Drawing.

If you’re looking to really wind it down, London based artist Jack Fisk will guide a class on slow looking, assisted by model Sugar and filmed and edited by Jake Bishop. Participants will experience a different way to feel connected to other humans virtually through a meditative, hour-long workshop. You can thank us later. 

Choose your stream here


Inside the mind of an artist
Throughout his life, legendary Polish-American photographer David Wojnarowiz kept a scrapbook, a kind of visual diary he filled with everything from dreams to mixed-media works, photo collage and text. It was originally produced as a kind of zine to accompany his 1989 exhibition at New York’s PPOW Gallery, and like many modestly produced works of artists from that time (it was limited to a print run of 50 copies), it has gone on to become somewhat of a cult literary classic.

Like his other books, most famously, Close to the Knives: A Memoir of DisintegrationIn the Shadow of Forward Motion has come to symbolise the struggle for greater awareness surrounding HIV/AIDS among the marginalised communities it most affected. The book largely revolves around Wojnarowiz’s personal struggles with the virus, documenting how he and many of his friends were neglected and silenced in their appeals for treatment. The book is now a zeitgeist of that period in New York and a fascinating insight into the mind of an artist.

Buy In the Shadow of Forward Motion here

Food + Drink

Your newest hangover cure
If you’ve been to Butchies Shoreditch branch and tasted one of their famous fried chicken sandwiches, you’ve undoubtedly been craving more ever since. Luckily, the options have now doubled thanks to a second location opened by the husband and wife team in south London.

Located on Clapham High Street, the new restaurant continues the good work they’ve been doing in East, serving up that award-winning fried buttermilk chicken alongside buffalo hot wings, fries and the team’s butchies bowl – filled with delicious chicken, guac, pickles and chilli mayo dressing. Yum.


Butchies is located on 122 Clapham High Street.

Top image: David Wojnarowicz, Untitled (Face in Dirt), 1990

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