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Rave design pioneer Daniel Poole returns with a collection designed during self-isolation
By Jake Hall | Fashion | 2 April 2020

Following a decades-long hiatus, rave design pioneer Daniel Poole has been gradually reintroducing his cult streetwear label to the fashion industry. Now, he’s reviving his outwear collection with ‘dppn-World Sound Systems’, a tightly-edited, colour-soaked collaboration with Taiwanese label PRETTYNICE. And, from acid-hued long-sleeve tees to reflective ‘skydive vests’, the aesthetic staples that made him a club kid go-to are definitively intact.

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The collaboration first took shape last year, when Poole visited PRETTYNICE founder Warren at his Taipei HQ. “We’ve been working flat-out on the collab since then,” he explains of the collection, which was fine-tuned across a series of digital meetings.

These virtual catch-ups continued as the coronavirus pandemic worsened globally, but Poole says the experience taught him the power of online collaboration in even the most turbulent of times.” A big positive about this whole thing is how the digital world has brought us closer together,” he says. “That two far-flung islands from across the globe can collaborative creatively and commercially, and make something happen together notwithstanding the threat of a global pandemic.”

Although he acknowledges it’s a difficult climate to release in, Poole expresses hope that this “will help people remember that there is a world and a future out there that we can collectively look forward to.” Warren concurs, and adds that it’s about more than clothes – it’s about culture. “It’s a shared inherited love and communication of street subculture,” he says of the collaboration. “The rave party culture of London and the voice of Taipei’s teenage subculture are consummately combined together in the form of clothing.”

DP London’s dppn-World Sound Systems line is available to buy online now.

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