HUGO Loves Bowie

How Bowie’s Berlin years inspired HUGO’s new collection
Fashion | 4 March 2020
Photography Catharina Pavitschitz
Fashion Inês Bizarro.


HUGO has looked close to home for its latest creative springboard, creating a capsule collection titled HUGO Loves Bowie in homage to the late musician’s seminal time spent living in Berlin.

In the twilight years of his Thin White Duke era, David Bowie traded Los Angeles for a Berlin sublet, shared with Iggy Pop. At the time, he was reportedly on the brink of collapse – and his relapse into unbridled hedonism throughout his early months in Germany is pretty well-documented. But soon, the chaos gave way to art-pop experimentalism and unbridled creativity. It’s this spirit that serves as the inspiration for HUGO’s recently-released capsule.

From influential slogans to reprints of seminal album artwork, the pieces preserve the legacy of Bowie’s acclaimed ‘Berlin Trilogy,’ which consists of albums Low (1977), Heroes (1977) and Lodger (1979). Viewed in retrospect, these albums mark Bowie’s transition from cult favourite to worldwide domination, which accelerated just a few years later with his legendary Ziggy Stardust era.


Cultural references like these aren’t unusual for HUGO, whose creative director Bart de Backer has previously taken inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Arctic survival gear and Berlin club kids. “David Bowie was a rebel spirit who lived life on his own terms,” he says of the collection. “This capsule is an opportunity for us to celebrate the impact he had on the world and the values that we share.”

t-shirt by HUGO LOVES BOWIE; trousers by HUGO SS20

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