I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m ha…

Love bites: a playlist to scream (read: rip) your heart out to
Music | 14 February 2020
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In case you (somehow) missed it, today is Valentine’s Day. But don’t waste your time pretending you’re actually happy in your relationship, scowling shelves for products the consumerist gods have somehow managed to squeeze into a heart shape or searching through your phone contacts for another lonely soul to desperately try and ignite sparks with. Forget all that. Instead, spend your day listening to our Love Bites playlist while screaming into the eternal abyss…

Sold? Scroll down for the soundtrack to your magnificent solitude, featuring scorned, resentful and bitter beauties by the likes of Kelis, Black Flag, New Order and No Doubt. Slice up the roses and wallow in self-love.

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