Cultural criss-cross

Kenzo’s latest film connects Lafawndah and legendary Japanese percussionist Midori Takada
By Finn Blythe | Fashion | 9 July 2018

Showcasing the brand’s SS18 collections and the release of La Collection Memento N°02, Kenzo have tapped legendary Japanese percussionist, Midori Takada, and UK based musician Lafawndah for a special collaborative performance. Visualised by the eye of Partel Olivia – the film making duo who worked as Kenzo’s artistic director from 2012 to 2017 – watch a short film of the performance below.

The topic of sonic conversation is one of fable and myth, beginning at a cultural intersect that binds these two musicians despite their different backgrounds. The Blue Fox, which serves here as a kind of common cultural denominator in both ancient Senegalese and Japanese folktales, is the archetype trickster and the topic of composition.

As Takada begins with her percussion based rendition, a piece she has worked on for almost twenty years, Lafawndah offers her own  response, with her lyrics imagining a dialogue between herself and the crafty fox. What ensues is a kind of cultural exchange, fuelled by two strong storytelling traditions. Like the first edition of Kenzo Folio shot by Ruth Ossai and directed by Akinola Davies JR., this second edition will be released on vinyl as well as CD and online streaming services.


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