Structural innovation

Wooyoungmi FW14
19 January 2014

Ankle-grazing suits paired with boots were matched by a greater interest in sculptural ingenuity at Wooyoungmi.

Suit jackets and outerwear pieces were embellished with double lapels on the left side that buttoned onto the opposite side, creating complex web of dimensions.

This doubling up was mirrored with suit shorts worn over trousers, as well as mid-thigh length half-kilts attached to suit trousers. Constructed out of the same fabric and in a similar cut, they were subtle yet dramatic.

Autumnal colours were in the majority, with clean blacks, rich maroon-hued browns and light navy blues, and were offset by small pops of colour. The panel of fabric beneath collars of shirts, revealed only by the space around the top button, shone in vibrant orange. These small accents were matched bye bold flashes of metallic gold panels on crisp white shirts.

Abstract prints featured highly. Alongside pinstripes, plaid, and square patterns, geometric shapes in black, white, orange and purple acted as good partners to the sculptural cuts of the clothes themselves. These geometric prints adorned shirts and jumpers as well as clutch bags.

Overall, a collection of subtle, structural innovation.

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