Power of Pacman

Vivienne Westwood SS15
26 June 2014

The Westwood man of SS15 swims joyfully in his nostalgia. In our preview of the collection, Andreas Kronthaler, who heads up the Westwood empire’s menswear design helm, described the influences as stemming from memories of childhood beach holidays, hours spent traipsing rock-ridden shores and banging away at 70s arcade games on the pleasure pier.

These games’ pixelated graphics were woven into the block-based aesthetic of tribal prints most closely associated with Native America. No Westwood collection is entirely complete without a strong trace of Britannia, tartan becoming pixelated here, appearing as a jacquard there.

What most stood out was the sheer positivity than shone out as we progressed further into the collection, loud colour, prints and silhouettes saying a cheery farewell to the dystopian vision we saw last season.

It wasn’t without political intent, Kronthaler also explaining SS15’s focus on boycotting factory farmed meat, but there was a lighter strategy here. After all, there’s a lot to be said for the power of positive thinking.

Check out our preview of Vivienne Westwood MAN SS15 here.


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