Hotter than hell

Welcome to Versace’s colourful, corseted new dawn
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 28 February 2022

Bounding onto the stage in a flurry of colourful silks, mini-dressed corsetry and monogram chokers, the FW22 Versace woman is the epitome of allure. Shape is her speciality, sculpted in slender leathers and pointed, thigh-high PVC heels. The pockets of her plum-hued cargo pants are full of pearly necklaces and spiked appendages, and her waist is cinched into a glittery herringbone gown cast in bubble gum pink and leafy green.

Her style knows no bounds in captivating combinations of chunky, cropped blazers and flowy beaded skirts – and the dry cleaning bill for her shiny floor-length trench coats probably exceeds the rent of several Central London properties. She’s glamour through and through, you see. A projection of your wildest, most exuberant fantasies of hedonistic living. Brought to life through Donatella’s own effusive casting choices, the likes of Avanti, Anyier and Tilly were presented as the brand’s fresh faces, possessing a palpable new generation attitude while also championing diversity.

“They embody the energy running through the collection and the looks built on contrast and tension – like an elastic band pulled tight and about to snap back with a build-up of energy,” says Versace. “That feeling is just irresistible to me. It opens new possibilities and makes things happen.”

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