Office Uniform

Thom Browne SS16
15 July 2015

New York Fashion Week: Men’s was the prime point for Thom Browne to announce the creation of an in-house tailoring facility, headed by no other than Rocco Ciccarelli, long-time tailor at the brand.

Italian, British, French, American: all  types of suits. What Browne is striving to achieve is to pump life back into the latter, the long-lost American style – present in most of his collections. His calling-card.

This promotion of traditional craftsmanship was addressed at his presentation – plain and simple. No tricks. No gimmicks. In true Browne style, nonetheless: artistic, conceptual, creative. An imaginative and oxymoronic way to present a modern revival of such a well-established sartorial practice.

Mirrors covered the walls with an office set-up placed central in the room. Browne’s vision of the future working-chap: rolled-up trouser hems; small, notched-collars and lapels; three-buttoned fastenings; greys all around. What it represented was the beginnings of a new era of remembrance for heritage and hand-made craft, and an engaging one at that.

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