Daily layer

Sacai FW14
19 January 2014

With models facing mirrors – backs towards the viewer – we were invited to view every angle of the Sacai presentation with an equal eye.

The styling imbued the presentation with a laid back, relaxed attitude. Popped collars, hands in pockets and loose-hanging scarves all pointed towards a more wholly ready-to-wear, daily fashion. This quotidian style was emphasised through garments designed with utility in mind, with plastic anoraks and waterproof outerwear.

Multi-layering was key. Jackets worn over each other, sometimes sleeveless, some in wool and sometimes more like a duffle gilet, all used over coats. Shorts were worn over trousers too, carrying the layering throughout entire looks. These knit, wool, and duffle pieces were kept tonally neutral, with added interest through tartan and geometric prints.

There was also a deconstructed element at play. Seams and linings were left on show as decorative adornments, and fur-lined Vans had their tongues poking out, proudly showing off the Vans logo.

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