Cosmic Cruiser

Celine Homme SS22 was a motocross adrenaline rush through restless dreams
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 27 July 2021

Last season saw a model open the Celine Homme show on horseback. This season it was horsepower, as FMX riders from team FMX4EVER – Matej, Pepa, Gillies and Jimmy – and Motocross riders from Team Honda SR – Aurelien, Chad, Pierre-Louis, Tanguy and Josse Sallefranque – revved and flipped their way through a specially designed, all-black and branded ramp track situated on the shores of the Grand Gaou island.

“How we go up, and we go down.” SS22’s original soundtrack commission, Up ‘N’ Down, by California-born artist Izzy Camina mirrored the rider’s jumps as they sped through a woodland setting and across the beach, kicking up a dust screen in their rear-view mirror. 

Isn’t it obvious by now? Slimane thrives on the fast and loud. It’s how he designs, embracing the freedom of going too far, of flicking the V’s as you race on by. It’s an adrenaline rush encapsulated by the incendiary youth movements he designs for: the ‘cosmic cruisers’ – as the show title dubbed them. 

Starting pistol replaced by a pulsating synth drumbeat. Now we’re hitting top speed – “riding a new age” (read the accompanying text) through the “restless dreams of a cosmic teen.” This narrative ignited through the collection. The sleeveless perfectos and the incredibly intricately couture beaded tops beneath them. The grungey, baggy-as-hell jeans and studded chockers. Moto leathers. A rhinestone vest and silver Barbella cowboy boots. Statement palm tree earrings and python jackets. Tuxedo jackets carved from sequins and branded seatbelt harnesses. ‘Heavenly Days’ read one dinner jacket as a sequined tunic encrusted with a Hawaiian sunset kissed the sun and reflective bomber jackets took things interstellar. Each model wore a pair of futuristic, reflective sunglasses and looked dangerous in their determination. And that rush you feel watching the film? It’s a soupçon taster of the vivacious energy of youth ambition; distilled into fifteen minutes that hit hard for consumption purposes.

The collection also translated art collaborations from fourteen young artists –  including Amy Dorian, Scott Reeder, Tyler Childress and friend of HERO Emerson Snowe – continuing Slimane’s commitment to creative intelligence. 

A series of stunning embroidered capes saw out the show, defining the term ‘beach goth’ with occultist sincerity. And as the sun took its descent, two riders flipped 360 into the pastel skies. The message was clear: don’t get left behind. 

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