aerial abstracts

Rag & Bone SS16
By Lewis Firth | 16 July 2015

A two-pronged delivery by Rag & Bone ensured an exacted vision for the label. Firstly: a film showing parkour athletes doing their thang – jumping off buildings, somersaulting off walls, etc. – while showing off the collection’s practicality and urban-relevance. Secondly: a static presentation where the looks from the clips could be inspected more closely. A holistic approach, and one that’s not seen often (Astrid Andersen previewed her collection through similar means), but it fitted intelligently with the line’s energy.

This reference to parkour, however, wasn’t exclusive to moving imagery; it acted as a prime indicator of direction for Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, the boys in charge.

Bombers were lightweight and loose; rucksacks and cargo pants were made in nylon, so just as light; shorts, shirts and trousers were layered; and cotton-twill trackies added that covetable, sportswear edge. All in gleaming whites, concrete greys, blacks and navies. While relaxed-tailored jackets added a modicum of traditional masculinity that helped anchor the guys’ aerial abstracts.

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