Philipp Plein FW15
18 January 2015

A performance: quite literally, from Snoop Dogg, but it’s Philipp Plein who always manages to create an electrifying atmosphere to establish a mood. An exacted world.

Cage fighters were in focal view and body-painted percussionists banged out battle-march beats. Definitely no half-measures. Masculine, energetic and with brutish undertones. It doesn’t fit with fashion-show conventions, but who cares? For one: it’s trademark Plein. His style. Secondly: his product sells. And lastly: no one becomes a top dog by copying others.

Urban warriors emerged from a tiger’s head wearing padded gloves, tactical armour, kneepads and high-tops with LED-lit soles and walked around the fighters’ ring. Football jerseys and minimally detailed leather joggers were key to this collection. Rhinestone-studded, of course. While Old English typography shaped letters, Roman numerals and motifs and were plastered across these prime pieces.

Black fur was incorporated modestly on lapels and hoods adding a luxe touch to a predominantly sports inspired collection. That said, these high-end nuances abundantly came in the form of exotic leathers: python and crocodile, to be exact. Coloured in black, blood red, khaki green and a bit of navy towards the last few looks, these tones were punctuated by the fervent use of studs. It helped convey an ultra-masculine aesthetic.

Motifs and geometric, repetitive patterns were consistently and conspicuously placed throughout, creating a cult-like vibe to Plein’s model-male players. The show concluded with these boys walking to Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop: struck with energy from start to finish.

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