Youth energy

Paul Smith SS16
By Lewis Firth | 29 June 2015

Last week it was announced that Sir Paul Smith was going to be banding with the BFC to support a fresh round of young, rising stars in the British fashion-industry. He’s a beacon of sartorial masculinity, and still demonstrates his affinity for cool and crisp design. An apt announcement and one stemming from independent motivation to lend a helping hand.

This attitude of independence acted as a light focus for this season, which manifested in disparate, yet exacted looks. But that’s cool. People expect an overriding concept and despite that Smith manoeuvres around such protocols, while delivering something with punch.

Keeping parts of inspiration anchored on domestic land, Paul Smith looked to British painter, customer – and friend – David Hockney for colour, encompassing the hues of summer with bolts of cobalt blue, burnt orange and sunshine yellows. Lamé lifted the clothes to contemporary heights, with metallic shimmers suffusing summery vibes right ’til the end.

Photographic prints, a signature of the brand, took centre stage in the collection. Mostly of nature, with ants taking a front-row seat: printed on tees, jackets and trousers, and even coming in the form of small pins placed on lapels. This air of eclecticism meant that points of inspiration were diverse, but nonetheless projected symbiotically. A craft exclusive to Smith – independent in mind, independent in execution.

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