Electro storm

Neil Barrett FW14
12 January 2014

Devon born Barrett has mastered the art of Italian chic; his collections are at home in Milan – an impeccable blend of contemporary minimalism alongside a vivid flair for immaculate tailoring. The designer’s trademark clean, minimalist aesthetic sits alongside contemporary interpretations of classic menswear silhouettes, whilst de-constructing and redesigning shape and proportion – bringing a fresh dimension to the traditional menswear profile – both sporty and smart.

Geometric patterned prints, lavish chocolate brown flowing throughout the collection, modernistic and wearable. Mercedes Benz emblem and lightning strike prints, with a blend of light and dark, creating a futuristic outerwear range. It’s streamlined, understated and precision cut. Forward-thinking minimalism with a nostalgic flair.

Combinations of leather and suede create contemporary, monochromatic items, micro, dramatic and eye-popping.

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