Noughties apocalypse

Nasir Mazhar SS17
Fashion | 12 June 2016

We have all come to a level of expectation for the Nasir Mazhar show, which has arguably become one of the highlights of LCM. There’s always a great soundtrack, the casting is on point, and the designer consistently pushes the boundaries of the urban wardrobe within his own (very specific) aesthetic.

On looking at the Nasir collection, many young Londoners will instantly recognise its muse from their own adolescence. But what’s always interesting at Mazhar is how these cultural cues are interpreted creatively.

SS17 was a future apocalyptic collection for a digital warrior. Models charged down the runway in signature nylon tracksuits paired with floor-length sleeveless fur coats and head wraps. The clothing seemed to be made for the resourceful wearer – utility belts and backpacks accompanied almost every look and boxy, army-like pockets were a prominent feature.

If the early 2000s theme wasn’t cemented with the sleeveless coats and shell-suits, the various bucket hats that followed certainly sealed the deal. These, along with sand, green and brown hued looks, brought up nostalgia for music videos of the noughties teen generation.

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