Power rangers

Nasir Mazhar SS16
13 June 2015

Sporty, jungle flare, Nasir Mazhar’s understated theatrical tailoring of greys and blacks made a statement of lines, cutaways and coordinates. Simplistically carried, the SS16 collection comprised of tracksuits, sweatshirts, and crisscross crop tops made a powerful example of casual clothing niceties.

Dramatic styles included women’s frilled mini shorts joined to a remote stretch of nylon fabric by loop-holed buttons, and tied triangular fabric to form pant legs. In men’s, open and fitted vests with belts and parachute detail were met with military precision, as texture defined a point of difference between outfits. Beanies, caps, and millinery that was part football practice, part Star Wars. You felt bullet proof just by looking at the ensembles.

Ruched sleeves and bodices, waved patterns across jumpers, and fallen hems were the backdrop for the distressed monochrome trend. Risky business, but Mazhar’s attention to detail set the retro gears cruising to some alternate galaxy where the Power Rangers are villains on a remote island, and fashion is their only weapon.

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