Eastern craft

Missoni SS16
22 June 2015

Rose petals marked a trail for the models to follow: in orange, crème and a deep red. A culmination of ideas stemming from India drove the aesthetic, and the strongly hued, delicate decoration was a prelude to Angela Missoni’s collection – a characteristic that ran throughout.

Missoni’s heritage lies in its exuberant wielding of pattern and colour. But here it was subdued towards the beginning: clothes were lighter and looser, while pastel blues, oranges and greys dominated the palette, predominantly through plaids. Placement of these cooler tones occupied three-quarters of a sleeve on a white shirt for an impactful boost.

Then the feeling deepened. Clothes were soaked in the same hues, but they were richer, stronger and striking: teals, dark navies, burnt orange, and paprika red. Planted across shorts; long, flowing scarves; looser, long-sleeved shirts; relaxed tailoring. This crescendo of colour, a strong reminder that Angela and her cohort are rulers of the ultimate rainbow.

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