Keeping it real

Margaret Howell SS16
15 June 2015

There’s something refreshing about Margaret Howell’s ethos. In a week that finds energy in the search for the newest thing, the latest trend, Howell instead thrives on continuum, her work dedicated to sharpening and enriching her brand’s aesthetic. It’s the main reason she has such a remarkably loyal fan base. These are the clothes that they want to wear.

As ever, her Spring collection felt as much for this customer as it was for those who assembled at the show, reflected in the choice to present not in one of the main venues but at her Wigmore Street store. After all, this is where these customers will eventually shop the collection. Howell’s hallmark pieces remained a focus – lightweight shirts in bright, almost optic white, relaxed suiting, classic knitwear – the elements that keep ’em coming back for more. 

But this is not to say that Howell is without new ideas. Cropped trousers had a satisfying volume, while oversized turn-ups on the jeans read the current menswear mood. So too did the combination of socks and sandals. The raincoats, in semi-transparent waterproof fabric, worn with shorts, seemed fitting – oh yeah, it was a drizzling June day outside. 

While there was no doubting that this was a summer collection, due to the overwhelming sense of lightness, there were plenty of options here for year round dressing too. Who doesn’t need the perfect white shirt or classic navy jumper? It’s this ease of dressing that retains Howell’s success – these were pieces ready to slot effortlessly into every man’s wardrobe.

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