Stick and poke

MAN: Stefan Cooke SS19
Fashion | 11 June 2018

After unveiling his debut collection only last season, Stefan Cooke’s sophomore offering was bound to be a major step for the designer. Entitled The Luxury of Boredom, Cooke and his partner Jake Burt delivered a line steeped in “awkward masculine glamour.”

Influenced by the bittersweet feeling of bygone summer days and the sartorial choices of their uncles and older brothers in decades past, the duo developed upon ideas that surfaced in their FW18 collection. Again, returning to experimenting with ordinary items of clothing and prioritising wearability and high-quality tailoring, the pair sent models down the runway in multifaceted pieces.

Boys with mod-style haircuts and etches on their faces designed by stick and poke artist Misty Mountain – whose illustrations cropped up as graphic details across the range –strutted around in tartan-print two-pieces embellished with perspex buttons. Form-fitting jeans exploded into plumes of ostrich feathers at the waist, while chain mail vests were layered over shirts with ornate ruffled collars made from machine washable paper. Last season’s venture into digital manipulation was also revisited: this time around, photographs of handbags were printed onto large-scale tote bags with handles made from rows of buttons. In short, this was a sophomore collection that was as technical as it was tasteful.

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