cable-fed connectivity

MAN: Feng Chen Wang SS17
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 11 June 2016
Photography Harry Clark

Today’s social connections are multifaceted, looping and twisting through microfibre cables to seek their destination – a swipe, tap or poke. For her debut MAN collection, London-based designer Feng Chen Wang illustrated these contemporary notions of connectivity through looped cables fed through garments, some attaching elements like surgical thread and others finding themselves face to face with a dead end, tangled in a cable mesh – social connections are never as linear as Mills & Boon novels may suggest.

To the sound of Anne Clark’s dystopian track Sleeper in Metropolis, models appeared in clinical white, grey and navy. “No shadows will replace/The warmth of your contact/Love is dead in metropolis/All contact through glove or partition,” spoke the soundtrack – a societal commentary questioning the reality of our computer screen-partitioned relationships. Gradually, as connections took root, colour began to punctuate the collection in the form of amber body paint and a fiery orange-red climax, suggesting that technology is no barrier to passion.

GALLERYBackstage images from Feng Chen Wang SS17

GALLERYCatwalk images from Feng Chen Wang SS17