God Save The Roadmen

Liam Hodges SS18
Fashion | 10 June 2017

Armed with his reputation for a sport-infused, utilitarian aesthetic, Liam Hodges “brings the noise” with his latest collection. Known for his reworking of sportswear codes and British subcultural references through manipulation, deconstruction and print, today the RCA graduate stepped into denim territory – his next venture of expanding the diversity of his brand.

Throughout the show, references to Hodges’ base of London, zine culture and two step set the tone, with God Save The Roadmen by Gaika injecting a grime influence. In contrast, the finale track was Unveiled Tomorrow by Integrity, a hardcore punk band. But the two genres fit well with the noise theme of the collection, and its little details – unfinished hems and patchwork on sportswear. Punk and grime came together, and it worked.

The collection saw Hodges collaborate with iconic sportswear brand FILA. Its famous colour blocking channeled throughout, as well as a “mad texture” version of their ‘Original Fitness’ sneakers, with them since 1987. What with the current socio-political climate, Hodges has been thinking a lot about the idea of “noise”. A screaming bear motif was placed with consideration throughout, representing this. Of it, Hodges explained: “The struggle is learning from the noise – from everything in our feed, how to originate not imitate?” It’s an idea that rings true right now.

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