dancefloor psych

Liam Hodges FW18
Fashion | 7 January 2018

Liam Hodges’ backstage moodboard was filled with collage images of raves, graffiti, gunge (a la 90s classic Get Your Own Back) and Mr Blobby. A psychedelic mash-up emphasised by the catwalk being transformed into a checked dancefloor, referencing the rave parties of the late 1960s and 70s.

And from hippy psych to gabba through post-punk, new wave and grunge, Hodges filtered these far-out references into bold mash-ups. Meeting new wave tailoring with slouched 90s fits, Hodges’ signature graphics spliced sonic movements via a new type of ornamentation-spray painting with an airbrush, creating trippy flowers and smiley faces. While a recent collaboration with FILA was dispersed throughout and other new elements included button badges, striped gloves, vests and dungarees.

Some of the looks included Hodges’ signature stripes but new types of flower and leopard print were also integrated. And that gunge reference? It materialised via acid green hairdos – somewhere in the colour palette between Jared Leto’s Joker and Slimer from Ghostbusters.

As Baz Luhrmann’s timeless declaration Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen soundtracked the finale, Hodges ushered us towards an epoch-smashing 4/4 utopia.

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