The Warriors

Fashion | 9 January 2017
There’s something a little threatening about the KTZ muse. The brand, based out of Soho in London and led creatively by Marjan Pejoski, is typically informed by urban subcultures, ceremonial aspects of religion, and BDSM, the designs thus giving off a feeling of power and aggression.
This time around, danger was discussed through the uniforms of hunters, fighters, teen gangs. Oversized slogan hoodies trimmed with Converse-like shoelaces opened the show. But these quickly metamorphosed into medieval hooded cowls styled with woven leather. Many more mainstays of streetwear were touched upon, like iron-on patches and baseball caps, but new shapes were also introduced, namely the Waspies that were worn over coats.
It was a more subdued and practical collection than usual from KTZ, with its focus on utility outerwear, and its rare foray out of graphic monochrome and into the land of khaki. Honourable mentions go to the razor-blade-shaped earrings, and a pair of assless leather chaps. Nice.

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