Street optics

Kris Van Assche SS15
27 June 2014

The word ‘Illusion’ was cryptically gilded on Kris Van Assche’s invitation this season. Blown up Versailles-like backdrop aside, it was the designer’s clever working of sportswear and tailoring that created the trick of the eye here. For what first appeared classic was quickly uncovered as anything but.  That’s the thing: when Van Assche’s knack for the hybrid kicks in it’s pure urban innovation, a vision for a man really living but never on fast-forward. He enjoys the moment, and hence the detail. And there it was, trousers deconstructed with the punchy effect of slits at the knee, while ties were chopped at the chest. When paired with silk bombers and technical jackets in cold shades of blue and grey, it was a rave vision for the everyday.  Loose cuts felt casual, especially with the outline of a boat neck knit echoed in thick white necklaces, adding a hint of surf to a distinctly city image.

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