Immaculate intersection

Kris Van Assche FW14
17 January 2014

Underlining Kris Van Assche’s singular ability is his prowess at the sportswear-tailoring intersection.

For FW14, the designer ventured into another exploration of how far he can take this combination, layering cropped singlets over smoothly tailored jackets with immaculate precision.

Pop ran strong through the collection, transformed into key motifs such as the chevrons of herringbone and houndstooth teeth that ran across tailored jackets and more sporty pieces. At the same time, scale and proportion were made a play of with these same motifs blown up into photo prints and transposed into appliqués.

There was also a clean line to drawn between the collection and John Baldessari, whose influence was apparent in the collection’s name, Run, and in its extensive expression via jolts of colour spread across a largely monochrome palette.

Finishes were often glossy and PVC-like, while a monochrome zebra print ran across crisp shirting and sculpted coats. The structure continued with bold character in the form of mustard outerwear balanced with maroon silk suiting.

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