Kit Neale SS16
13 June 2015

What says party more than glitter, sequins, and pom poms? Kit Neale’s SS16 collection, that’s what. With Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence sound tracking the show, bold, clothing was spoken for in loud prints, bright colours, and decal to dazzle.

Inspired by the notion of hand-me-down garments, the East London label will repeatedly have you saying “what, this old thing?” as people no doubt admire and dissect the detail of mismatched, yet perfectly matched, floral outfits. Christopher Neale and Caspar Hodgson have personified ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, taking articles from flea markets, thrift stores and British Car Boot Sales, to create unique, distinctive antiquities that represent contemporary fashion’s nod to grandma’s relics, Dad’s shed, and the good old fashioned garage sale.

Oversized garments were popular, but bomber jackets, high-collared shirts, and t-shirts also featured. Some even adorned with Hodgson’s hand drawn characters. A standout ensemble was a wide legged, steel-grey suit with a striking red and pink floral jacquard print. White Converse Chuck Taylors complemented bright geometric prints in silks and satins, block colours offset checkered pinks and blues and a collaboration with Bernstock Speirs resulted in a return of the bucket hat.

As a light aroma of tea filled the space, we were reminded of Kit Neale’s ode to Britain’s townships and people, and the SS16 collection was an illustration of their habits, their possessions, and the stories behind them.

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