Visual seizure

Katie Eary FW15
13 January 2015

It’s well known that Katie Eary is fond of a good visual shock. And in her eighth season yesterday she demonstrated that her knack for the vivid, lurid and plain garish hasn’t lost any of its bite.

There were the acid shocks of colour. The cartoon prints; the glittered accessories; the mash up styling. A cacophony of everything, strung together by two influences that, after entering your consciousness, shifted her FW15 collection into turbo drive: Oh! It’s Jeff Koons and KAWS. And then there they were everywhere, the signature print which was first clocked on the invite and later cast across sweatshirts a visual seizure in which Koons balloons and KAWS’ cross section brain sculptures were merged.   

Outerwear was bombastic and fur lined, knits cashmere and textural, metallic turtlenecks futuristic. Classic (shock horror) trouser cuts were washed with ink blue. Then there those jeans, inner crotch and side seams split, eyeleted and laced with thick red or white string. Eary reminding us that sheen aside, her affinity for the DIY endures.     

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