80s Yuppie in a SS14 world. Declan Higgins: Can I ask you, what the inspiration behind the collection is? Jonathan Saunders: It was anything, it was like, the digital. Anything that was early digitalisation, synthetic colour, things that kind of felt very much about the city. So like, business men suits but then played with all of the […]

Jonathan Saunders SS14
20 June 2013

Jonathan Saunders took over the basement of the film museum, filling the walls with Vinist (if that’s not in the vernacular yet, it is now) flashing graphic projections.

Models lined up in front of a red plastic curtain, which shot on smartphone with flash immediately put the neat tailoring into either Roxy Music or Kraftwerk teuton terrority (depending if you’re BlackBerry or iPhone, natch).

There was a pleasingly pervy feeling achieved by the following trilogy: (1) light shining off wet-look fabric (2) collars and raincoats done up to the top and (3) sunglasses to glare out from behind.

The clothes speak for themselves, as always. Beyond writer-prescribed pop mood, they tell us no one orchestrates colour harmony like this great Scot.

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