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Fashion East MI FW15: Roxanne Farahmand
15 January 2015

Back in the day – like, the 80s or 90s, and before – cultural and sartorial signifiers were distinct. Subcultures were rife, each with their own cult-like codes. So what about today? What ideas are British youths appropriating?

“Think of the kid at the back of the condensation filled bus scribbling a tag in the dripping window,” explains Roxanne Farahmand’s AW15 press release. “Very aware of the cultural portrayal of each item they wear.”

This awareness is syphoned into her sportswear-influenced collection. Minimal detailing was key, but with striking features, however: ruby red and sunshine yellow details are small, yet effective. Grey joggers accented Farahmand’s accessories: red-strapped shoulder bag and an asymmetrical shoulder piece. While a full-satin look stood alone, quite proudly: distinct and key to the line up.

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