Building Dialogues

Emporio Armani SS21
Fashion | 24 September 2020

Mr Armani knows a thing or two about film. His designs boast an enviable back-catalogue of silverscreen stardom (go and check out his IMDB page) and he himself has drawn the attention of various legendary filmmakers. Little surprise therefore, that the seven minute film that accompanies his SS21 Emporio collection, Building Dialogues, bears all the hallmarks of a seasoned cinephile.

Set among clinical, white-washed buildings, something that looks like an architectural model rendered on human scale, a co-ed performance of choreographed movement is executed with unnerving precision. Set to a nerve-tingling soundtrack (composed by Frederic Sanchez), an enormous sun-like orb arcs across the sky, initially a shocking shade of pink it seems to possess the performers, who move beneath its rays like solstice worshipers. Dancing with a rhythmic intensity, the performance culminates with the orb descending towards earth like a setting sun, now a planetary shade of turquoise, until it lands in front of the entranced performers.

The collection itself spoke of refined elegance, pretty much a synonym for Armani generally but this season with a few notable exceptions. Hats were totally absent and the Emporio blazer felt lightweight and paired back. Colours were largely subdued, rarely straying from monochrome, while fluidity and ease of movement was demonstrated by the moves of twin brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois.

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