Future fusion

Emporio Armani SS16
By Clementine Zawadzki | 22 June 2015
In the 1980s, Giorgio Armani pioneered a kind of tension in dressing that would revolutionise men’s wardrobes forever. Classic tailoring relaxed and deconstructed, he brought film to fashion and vice versa in his progression of the two-piece suit. Step forward to yesterday in Milan and there you have it, a cinematic collection imbued with a resounding push pull – this time a bold clash of East meets West. The middle ground between formal wear and its abandon, via natural hues and clean cuts that communicate organic thought, structure and process.
Effortless signifiers: washed silk, cotton and wool made for light travel, including nappa leather in long-line coats and oversized blazers. Paisley print, double-breasted box jackets complemented high-waist, tapered trousers with an offbeat, one side dart – the relaxed fit completed with sneakers, slip-ons, and open-heeled, strapped oxfords. A 3D effect on delicately embellished cardigans and t-shirts perfectly fused the old world with the new, the cool seasons with warmer climes, custom with comfort.
The kind of play-off that ascended the Armani name, and that will continue to do so while it’s total aesthetic ease men are after. And that won’t be changing anytime soon.


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