The global peacock revolution

E Tautz SS14
21 June 2013


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Patrick Grant talked of Savile Row during the peacock revolution this season and the destination’s history as something of a refuge for clothing’s global travellers.

Michael Fish, Tommy Nutter, Rupert Lycett Green, John Pearce, Tom Gilbey and Barry Sainsbury embraced wonder and paired it with the refinement you’d expect of the world’s premiere menswear address. Grant was keen to restore a sense of this exoticism for SS14 and London’s tapestry of cultures was the ideal reference point. You can travel continents in minutes.

This meant Whitechapel’s shalwar kameez under an anorak or tailored jacket and Japanese robes seen on a man who reads his book on a bench overlooking the Thames in King Edward Memorial Park. Whilst t-shirt silhouettes could’ve come from any young thing in E2.


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