Cosmic vibrations

Dior Fall 2023: a mystic future backdropped by the Pyramids of Giza
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 4 December 2022

Set in Egpyt, backdropped by the Pyramids of Giza, Kim Jones‘ latest Dior cast walked across the vast desertscape like sci-fi nomads on a mission beyond. In sync with the setting of the sun behind the Great Pyramid, this mystical occurrence brought the collection into existence.

Titled Celestial, Jones’ narrative stretched through past, present and future, distorting reality with mysticism and space while connecting humanity with the web of constellations that shimmered above. “My interest in ancient Egypt is about the stars and the sky,” said Jones in the show notes… “It’s that fascination with the ancient world and the parallels with what we look at today; what we inherited from them and what we are still learning from the past.” Here, worlds collided through a distinctly Dior portal. Across an illuminated trail, the desert breeze conjured this season’s characters into reality, fabrics wrapping their silhouettes like spectral cloaks.

You couldn’t help but think of Dune as models appeared in billowing layers, silver snoods and futuristic eyewear, holding space helmets under their arms, yet this was Jones’ nod to the myth of ancient astronauts. Double belted with signature motif buckles, these travellers were going warp-speed: cosmic worlds were cast across outerwear graphics taken by NASA from the furthest points of the universe, while utilitarian details turned explorers into warriors, fusing technical fabrications with Dior’s meticulous savoir-faire. Snakeskin patterns reflected the moon’s luminous hue, as oversized hoodies were crafted for the sporty Jedis among us. Heritage pattern cutting techniques were applied to contemporary shapes, blending feminine tropes with masculine tailoring – no better highlighted than with demi-kilts inspired by the bias pleated skirt of a Dior archival dress from the 50s.

Stars align: the story goes that Christian Dior tripped over a cast-iron star on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, which had come loose from the street pavement. The couturier – who famously wove his astrological and mystical leanings through his work – saw this star as a sign that the time had come to open his own fashion house, and the star remained a lucky motif throughout his life. 75 years after Cristian Dior’s debut New Look collection, the house he founded continues to be guided by the universe’s spark.

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