Back to School

Diesel Black Gold FW15
20 January 2015

With his third menswear showing for Diesel Black Gold Creative Director Andreas Melbostad is well into his stride. Continuing to carefully tweak the staples of his man’s wardrobe-namely high quality denims, and leather jackets invested with artisanal detailing, his new collection also tackled the concept of tailoring.

Maintaining a youthful and almost light-hearted edge, several looks were clearly inspired by the uniforms of British Public schoolboys as opposed to Savile Row. Whilst embellishments included a DBG crest, a sense of rebellion was also built through several distressing techniques, and silver hardware that seemed transposed from biker gear.

While last season’s Indie boy was distinctly mid-90s, this collection seemed to carry the genre on through the end of the decade. A time when the look – as though borrowed from an older sibling and modified, gathered a slightly harder edge from nu-metal, and other heavier rock experiencing a mainstream renaissance. The addition of hoodies, technical looking outerwear, and black fingerless gloves reinforced this feeling.

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