Christopher Shannon SS15
16 June 2014

Christopher Shannon revisited a place most of us bury deep within ourselves this season. He went in search for the angst of the mid-teen, the time when the best place in the world was your bedroom, its walls defaced with magazine cut-outs, windows darkened with dreamcatchers and the spiritual junk we thought would lead us on a road to somewhere.

Shannon’s teen may have been lurking in a corner but he didn’t care: he thumped down the runway to the beat of Bjork, heavy CAT boots grounding looks that were this season a slightly undone yet totally at home in their unfinished-ness. Those patchworked, graffitied walls were cast as collaged screenprints across loose separates, while looks further down the line cued vivid Plastisol prints and top-heavy denim.

There was a change in direction here, Shannon bringing forth the energy that can so easily surge from a look back at youth. And where the Shannon boy of last season was sexy in his sadness, here he was this season totally owning his own insecurities.

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