Pushin’ the boat out

Christopher Raeburn FW15
11 January 2015

It started with the crash of a gong and a sudden flash of fluorescent light, then the models began to descend down the runway. Prior to this the atmosphere, as to be expected, was filled with anticipation, and excitement, and murmurings surrounding seating arrangements. Walking into this cavernous space, the noise felt somewhat similar to being in the bowels of a creaking ship.

One understood why when you saw the clothes. Nautically themed yet combined rather well with the practicality of previous seasons – think clothing made of parachutes – neon orange gillettes were particularly eye-catching and aptly, reminiscent of life-jackets. Bags shaped like sharks, worn to be slung over the shoulder with the fins protruding behind the wearer were combined with primary coloured, smartly tailored jumpers. Sharks were not merely limited to bags though, as they appeared in contrasting prints on tops.

The collection felt fun and refreshing, especially when the blow-up rubber coats and bags began to emerge. Only from behind could you tell that they were actually in fact fully functioning inflatable pieces of clothing! These inflatable pieces really do redefine those little pack-away ponchos.

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